Corruption case against Matshela Koko, 18 others struck off roll

18 other people were dismissed in the corruption case against Matshela Koko.

JOHANNESBURG: The case against Matshela Koko and 18 other former Eskom bosses has been dismissed by the Middelburg Regional Court.

The case has been unfairly delayed, according to the court.

The dispute involves contracts for work at the Kusile power plant worth billions of rands that allegedly went to organizations connected to Koko’s family and friends.

This occurred a year after the initial arrests, and no trial date has been set.

Additionally, the court has taken the matter off the roll as a result of this discovery.

Magistrate Stanley Jacobs acknowledged that the investigation was “quite difficult” before passing judgment.

Meanwhile, he made note of the fact that reports showing the flow of funds —reports that, in his opinion, were essential to the case—were still unreturned.

He continued by saying that even though the State had partially attributed the case’s delay to the Investigating Directorate lacking resources, the court still needed more proof.

In the end, he has determined that the case was unfairly delayed and has dismissed the matter from the roll as a result of the defense’s submissions.

Additionally, he has stipulated that the National Director of Public Prosecution’s ( NDPP ) approval is required before it can be reinstated in the future.

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