2023’s top picks for tea lovers

2023’s top picks for tea lovers

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Tea is much more than just a beverage. You can experiment with an infinite variety of flavors, aromas, and preparations thanks to this ritual and habit. Additionally, there is a wonderful world of concoctions to try, including earthy oolongs, grassy matcha, smoky yerba mates, and more, without getting into the debate over true teas ( also known as leaves from Camellia Sinensis ). While coffee may be the preferred beverage in the West, we wanted to compile a list of the top presents to buy for those who value finer brew during the holiday season.

Glass pitcher made of Hiware Borosilicate


I looked for a straightforward but sturdy container to support my iced tea addiction after my previous pitcher’s handle started to crack, and after searching for it for an entire year, this one has n’t let me down. The pitcher’s enormous 68-ounce capacity holds enough water to keep the entire family hydrated, and its heat-resistant borosilicate glass allows you to pour boiling water into it without worrying about it shattering. The stainless steel lid, meanwhile, keeps debris like fruit pulp from escaping. Additionally, this pitcher is a great value at$ 20.

Amazon price:$ 24

Bottle of Hario Cold Brew


Check out Hario’s Cold Brew bottle if you know someone who frequently brings their “famous” iced tea to gatherings or picnics. It has a removable strainer to prevent tea leaves from spilling out and can hold up to 750ml of liquid. Even the removable stopper, which functions like a cork, and the grippy silicone top for easy handling are included. Hario also produces a champagne bottle version if you’re concerned that it’s merely pedestrian trying to have an impact.

Amazon price:$ 27

Stagg Electric Kettle Fellow

Engadget photography by Will Lipman

Fellow’s Stagg EKG Kettle is unrivaled when it comes to stylishly boiling water. Walnut, cherry, and maple woods are just a few of the many finishes and accents that are offered. The hold feature keeps water hot for up to an hour, and the base has an LCD panel for selecting a specific temperature ( down to the degree ). For friends or family who enjoy using a V60 or other similar brewer to make mudwater ( also known as coffee ), the gooseneck spout is also fantastic. If that’s not enough, Fellow recently unveiled a new pro model that supports WiFi connectivity, customizable brew settings, and other features.

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Fellow,$ 165

Nanofoamer that is minuscule

Engadget photography by Will Lipman

I’ve discovered that Subminimal’s Nanofoamer doubles as an incredibly potent whisk in addition to being marketed as a tool for producing the ideal frothy milk for lattes and cappuccinos. It is the ideal present for anyone who enjoys a daily cup of matcha because it is quicker and more practical than the typical bamboo one. It comes in two different models: an AA battery-powered model and a rechargeable version, the latter of which has an USB-C port, which is something I really like because I love gadgets. In order to whip milk into a variety of consistency levels, it also has two speed settings and several switchable mesh screens. Additionally, it’s a great multitasker for blended households because it tastes good in both coffee and tea.

Subminimal$ 39

Electric kettle Breville IQ


Breville’s IQ Electric Kettle should be a serious consideration for those on your list who favor function over form. It has dedicated temperature settings for many different major types of tea ( green, white, oolong, and black ), in addition to having nearly twice as much capacity ( 57 ounces vs. 30 ) as the Stagg. There is less time spent waiting for the water to heat up because it has an output of up to 1,500 watts.

Breville’s$ 140

Brew tea infuser basket from OXO

Engadget photography by Will Lipman

Switching from single-serving bags to loose-leaf teas is one of the simplest ways to make better tea. This is due to the fact that tea bags frequently have lower-quality leaves that are left on shelves for months or years, prioritizing convenience over flavor. Additionally, the paper or cloth used to make tea bags—more frequently—can add flavor that is undesirable.

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You’ll need an infuser if you know someone who wants to start drinking loose-leaf teas, and OXO’s is one of the best. The tea’s stainless steel basket wo n’t alter the flavor, and the lid also doubles as a saucer to keep it from dripping after steeping. The basket is also ideal in size, fitting into almost any mug ( and many iced tea pitchers ). For only$ 15, you can purchase two or more so that you always have a fresh one on hand.

Amazon charges$ 12.

Sampler of shishi tea

Tea with rishi

Rishi’s Premium Sachet Sampler is a great place to start if you’re just starting your tea adventure. They’ll be able to sample delectable blends like Valerian Dream and Yuzu Peach Green Tea in addition to high-quality staple foods like English Breakfast and Jade Cloud. There are 12 different varieties in total, including two doubles of the classics Peppermint and Earl Grey. Two weeks ‘ worth of fresh flavors in one handy package, then.

$39 at Tea with rishi

Atmos Vacuum Canister Fellow

Engadget photography by Will Lipman

Fellow’s Atmos Canister is excellent for keeping tea tasting fresh and flavorful even after extended periods of time, even though it was originally designed to store coffee. This is due to the fact that by simply twisting the lid, the canister’s oxygen is removed, preventing potential oxidation, which can make tea taste lifeless and dull. Although you’ll probably want to avoid the glass version because light is another potential oxidation source, it is available in three sizes ( 0.4), 0. 7 and 1.2 liters, and in a variety of materials. ( For cookies or something else, leave the open one. ) There is n’t a better way, in my opinion, to keep even the most fancy leaves tasting great over time, even though it is somewhat pricey.

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At Fellow,$ 40

Flight Kit for Matcha Breakaway

Matcha Breakaway

Even seasoned tea drinkers can find getting into matcha intimidating. Matcha is not only expensive, but it also has a very different flavor and texture because it is made from very finely ground green tea rather than water-soaked leaves. Give this matcha flight kit a try rather than purchasing someone just one type. There are four distinct blends in it, ranging from vibrant grassy varieties to richer savory ones. A motorized whisk for properly whipping the ideal cup is also included, along with a handcrafted bamboo scoop, sieve, and tea towel.

$56 at Matcha Breakaway

Travel Mug for Firebelly Tea


Tea is a year-round beverage, and Firebelly’s Tea Travel mug has everyone covered if they want to transport their beverage on the road ( hot or cold ). You can instantly chill your brew thanks to the inner chamber’s ability to be filled with ice. As an alternative to hot tea, all you have to do is place your leaves on the bottom, add hot water, and then re-insert the chamber to stop the infusion. The double-walled design keeps your drink at the right temperature for hours while the mug is powder-coated to better withstand nicks and scratches. Additionally, there is a flow control lid that keeps the tea’s aroma while preventing spills.

At Firebelly Tea,$ 40

candles with a tea house scent

a tea shop

For those times when you or a loved one wants the relaxing aroma of tea but might not have room for another cup, consider a tea shop’s line of scented candles. There are eight different varieties to choose from including creamy London Fog to spicer options like Chai Latte. Each soy-based candle is hand-poured and available in eight or 14-ounce sizes. This is the perfect way to add some extra ambiance to those holiday gatherings and maybe even convert some coffee drinkers.

From $35 at a tea shop


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