Bomb threat sparks security alert at 42 Philippine airports

42 Philippine airports are on high alert due to a bomb threat.

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The Philippine Civil Aviation Authority said it was looking into the threat that four other aircraft, including the one at Manila International Airport, would” explode” that was sent via email on Wednesday.

42 commercial airports are” on heightenedalert ,” according to the regulator, who also stated that” immediate enhanced security measures are being implemented across all airport–” in a statement released on Friday.

No flights were disrupted, and” no bombs have been found ,” according to aviation authority spokesman Eric Apolonio.

As additional measures to its already established day-to-day protocols, the Manila airport authority announced on Friday that” foot and mobile patrols are in place and K9units will be making the rounds of the terminals.”

According to Apolonio, the airport measures in Manila were also being put into place at the other airports.

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He claimed that the threat was the second to occur at a Philippine airport since Monday’s Manila-bound flight, which was canceled at Bicol Airport after the pilot found the word” BOMB” on scrap paper in the toilet. written there.

According to Apolonio, the runway at Bicol airport was closed and flight operations were suspended, and all 133 passengers were told to leave the aircraft to undergo security checks. An incoming flight was also sent back to Manila.

Nearly four hours later, the plane was permitted to take off after the authorities determined it was a” joke ,” he claimed.

If the authorities believed the threats from Monday and Wednesday were connected, Apolonio would not comment.

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