New feature film offers a different view of the Cape Flats

A fresh feature film presents the Cape Flats in a unique way.

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The Way Back, which was based on a real-life incident, aims to present viewers with an alternative view of the Cape Flats.

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Imran Hamdulay, the film’s writer and director, claimed that the story has its roots in Ottery, where the majority of the movie was shot. The idea for the movie came from when my friend’s son went missing while we were braaiing at his house. I then wrote the story from that point on. Even though the movie is n’t based on actual events, I used the incident as a springboard for my own ideas.

When someone so close to him is almost lost, some aspects of his past come out, forcing Ryan to reconcile them, figure them out again, and try to be better again. This particular male experience revolved around Ryan’s difficult past and how hard he worked to overcome it and [do ] better.

The second movie Hamdulay and producer Khosie Dali have collaborated on is The Way Back. Sons of the Sea, which the pair also produced, is available on Showmax.

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The cast, which also included local actors Danny Moss, Melissa Mel de Vries, and Roby Rossouw, shot over the course of three weeks in Ottery, Simon’s Town, Wynberg, Grassy Park.

These communities are teeming with decent, hard-working people, so we approached them with integrity, honesty, and empathy. Hamdulay says,” We just want to see more of that in the films we present because the areas we filmed in are beautiful; there’s texture and color.Hopefully that comes through.

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We want to portray a different side of the community through our lens because many Cape Flats movies have single-story narratives about gangsterism and drugs.

The Life Changers Foundation’s CEO and community activist Brandon Eckardt claims that the movie “examines friendship and mental health.” We’ve seen over the years with these gang movies that children and young people then glorify bandsters because they want to emulate what they see in those movies. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because those things happen in our communities and are real. But what matters is what people see.

I believe that many people, especially men on the Cape Flats, will relate to the storyline because we are from that.” The lead character has a past, it creeps up on him, and his wife finds out about it.”

Ross, who lived in the Cape Flats for the first few years of his life and has family there, continues,” The movie paints a different picture of the people there.” Being outside in Ottery was lovely, and the neighborhood came together to help us tell the tale.” I ca n’t wait for people to see it. It’s going to be a beautiful story.

In April of next year, The Way Back is expected to make its big screen debut.

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