Homeless Pretoria man hopes his vote will help turn things around in 2024

A homeless man from Pretoria hopes that his vote will change the world in 2024.

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TSHWANE- On Saturday, a few homeless residents of the nation’s capital came to Pretoria Boys ‘ High School in Hatfield to cast ballots for the 2024 elections.

In advance of the 2024 general elections, more than 23, 000 voting locations across the nation were open all weekend.

The metro’s first homeless count, which was conducted in October, showed that unemployment was the primary factor contributing to the city-wide homelessness.

The most recent census report, which showed that Tshwane has the highest homeless population in the nation, is to blame for this.

Although the Electoral Commission’s ( IEC ) primary concern is ensuring youth participation, several other demographics actively registered on Saturday with the intention of casting their ballots the following year.

In the hopes that things will improve for the homeless, Alex Chauke, who has spent almost ten years on the streets, said to Eyewitness News that he wants to take part in the elections the following year.

Chauke stated that he would continue to support the African National Congress ( ANC ) and that the nation’s subpar service delivery is a result of pressure from opposition parties.


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