‘To be oppressed by those we voted for’ is why a Phuthaditjhaba elder won’t vote

A Phuthaditjhaba elder wo n’t vote because” to be oppressed by those we voted for”

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PHUTHADITJHABA- A few pensioners in Phuthaditjhaba declared they would not take part in the voter registration process or cast a ballot for the 2024 presidential election.

The Eastern Free State township of Phuthaditjhaba saw a slow start on Sunday, the last day of voter registration.

The Electoral Commission ( IEC ) persisted in urging those who are eligible to vote, particularly young people, to register in order to cast their ballots in the 2024 election, emphasizing that everyone who enters their homes on Sunday will be served by its voting stations.

However, it appears that the call was ignored, which is concerning, as the Electoral Commission also noted a low turnout among pensioners.

Khekhe Skere, a resident of Phuthaditjhaba, said he wo n’t bother to cast his ballot at the age of 64.

In 1994, it happened for the first and final time. It was motivated by excitement. Unfortunately, we were unable to comprehend what democracy entailed. But it’s only now that we realize that democracy entails being oppressed by those we elected and who hold positions of power.


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