Slain Gift of the Givers Gaza head stayed because of his family, reveals friend

According to a friend, the head of the Givers Gaza Slain Gift stayed because of his family.

Ahmed Abbasi, the Gift of the Givers ( GotG ) member killed in Palestine, was told to relocate to a safer location, but he reportedly decided to stay and take care of his family.

Abbasi and his brother were reportedly targeted on Thursday as they were returning from morning prayers, according to the humanitarian aid organization.

As the director of GotG’s office in the area since 2013, he had been helping the Palestinian people.

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Malik Abou-Rageila, a friend and coworker of Abbasi’s, explained to Eyewitness News why he chose to remain where attacks were on the rise.

Abbasi was described by Abou-Rageila as a modest man who, despite being worn out, never stopped helping the needy.

He claimed that despite being instructed to relocate to a safer location, Palestinian father Abbasi refused to leave his family behind.

” Unfortunately, he was unable to depart. About 30 members of his family were present in his home. He claimed that because his parents were elderly and had trouble moving around, he preferred to stay.

According to Abou-Rageila, GotG has not yet determined what transpired with Abbasi.

Because we do n’t know, we’re not exactly sure if it was a fight, tank bomb, or military ship bomb. Actually, no one can do that right now to check or search.

Despite the ongoing conflict, he declared that GotG would keep working in the area.

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