Gaza health official says 31 premature babies evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital

According to a Gazza health official, Al-Shifa hospital evacuated 31 premature infants.

All 31 premature babies at Al-Shifa hospital, which the World Health Organization ( WHO ) has referred to as a “death zone,” were evacuated from the facility on Sunday, according to KHAN YUNIS, the top health official in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

All 31 premature babies in Al-Shifa hospital, along with three doctors and two nurses, have been evacuated, according to Mohammed Zaqut, director general of hospitals in Gaza.

He continued,” Preparations are being made for their entry into Egypt.”

The decision was made a day after the largest hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa’s director, claimed that the Israeli army had given the order to evacuate it.

Israel denied giving the order.

The health ministry reported that 120 patients had stayed behind, including several premature babies, as crowds of sick, injured, and displaced people made their way towards the seafront.

Ahmed al-Mokhallalati, a hospital doctor, wrote on Saturday on X, which was formerly Twitter,” Many patients cannot leave the hospital as they are in the ICU beds or the baby incubators.”

The WHO stated early on Sunday that it had traveled to Al-Shifa on a “very high-risk mission” on Saturday.

It stated that it was “urgently developing plans for the immediate evacuation of the remaining patients, staff, and their families” and that the facility was a “death zone.”

In statistics released several hours before the babies were evacuated, it was stated that 291 patients and 25 health professionals were still present in the hospital.

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