NPA making significant progress pursuing state capture matters, MPs told

According to MPs, NPA is making great strides in its pursuit of state capture issues.

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CAPE TOWN: According to the National Prosecuting Authority ( NPA ), the Zondo Commission of Inquiry’s state capture cases have been pursued with significant success.

Rodney de Kock, the deputy national director of prosecutions, refuted the claim made by some members of parliament ( MPs ) about the speed at which cases were brought.

He informed the Justice Portfolio Committee that many more cases would be enrolled in the upcoming year once the NPA’s Investigating Directorate ( ID ) was established as a permanent structure.

Over 200 recommendations from the Zondo Commission of Inquiry must be put into practice by the NPA.


  • It’s risky to say that the NPA is n’t taking action against state capture, according to Batohi.

  • It wo n’t be long before state capture architects are brought to justice- NPA

  • State capture report referral cases are resolved by the Parly Committee, and some MPs are exonerated.

De Kock stated that the NPA was prepared to move on to the next stage of prosecutor-led investigations after laying a strong foundation for handling complex corruption cases.

” In order to let South Africans know that work is happening, we want to convey the message of confidence within the public sphere.”

State capture proceedings, according to Andrea Johnson, the head of ID, go beyond criminal offenses.

We must not lose sight of the fact that state agents, consultants, attorneys, and other entities could have been the enablers of state capture in the background.

The ID has so far won two of the 34 state capture cases it has brought before the court.

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