ANC working actively to root out corrupt officials, says Ramaphosa

According to Ramaphosa, the ANC is actively working to remove dishonest officials.

HAMMANSKRAAL- According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the African National Congress ( ANC ) is actively working to purge the party of dishonest officials.

In Gauteng, Ramaphosa was leading an ANC campaign this weekend to encourage voters to cast ballots for the ruling party in 2024.

Ramaphosa assured the public that measures to combat corruption are already in place while speaking to the media outside a voter registration center in Hammanskraal.
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He asserts that a thorough investigation is required before taking any action against government officials who have been charged with corruption.

Ramaphosa confirmed that the party is investigating allegations made against several high-ranking ANC officials without providing too many details.

” Accountability is a major concern, and explanations are required when things go wrong.” Instead of relying on hearsay, we should use solid proof. Having said that, he added,” we must then address the underlying issue and explain what is happening in detail.”

Ramaphosa anticipates favorable election results for the ruling party despite the numerous difficulties the ANC faces.

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