Swellendam IEC reports rising voter apathy among the youth

According to Swellendam IEC, young people are becoming more indifferent to voting.

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Service delivery issues, council policy on poverty relief, and youth unemployment have been identified as major obstacles to voter registration in Swellendam.

This weekend, particularly among young residents, the Electoral Commission of South Africa ( IEC ) reported a particularly low turnout of voters.

Additionally, the court issues an interdict prohibiting protests in Swellendam.

According to EWN, Julian Matthysen, a local ward councillor in Railton Township, observed that the Democratic Alliance ( DA)-led Swellendam Municipality was making people less interested in politics.

A rule mandating that residents reapply for subsidies, such as electricity and pensioner rebates, is one contentious issue.

Residents of the Matyoks informal settlement protested for inadequate benefits and services earlier this year. As the unrest grew worse, a fire department vehicle and the Thusong Community Centre were both damaged.

Young people are n’t really eager to come and register for a variety of reasons, according to Matthysen, who expressed concern over the low registration rates, particularly among young people. Many people believe they no longer want to participate in politics or be involved in it.

Matthysen has been actively knocking on doors in response, urging locals to sign up and take part in politics. This initiative is a part of broader efforts to revitalize Swellendam’s political participation and address the underlying problems that contribute to voter indifference.

You can register online at registertovote if you were unable to make it to a registration station. elections. org. Za.

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