Bird flu outbreak shows need to change the way we farm, says institute

According to the institute, the bird flu outbreak demonstrates the need to alter our farming practices.

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The nation is currently battling what has been dubbed the worst avian influenza outbreak the nation has ever seen, an outbreak of the H5N1 and H7N6 strains.

To stop the disease from spreading, more than a million chickens have been culled so far on commercial farms.

The cost of eggs and poultry products in stores is expected to increase as a result of the crisis, according to warnings.

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The Department of Agriculture has stated that it is considering a number of interventions, but according to Zwelisha Shobede of the institute, the outbreak highlights the need to fundamentally alter how rural farmers farm.

” We are once more reminded that we must change, improve farming practices, and ensure that our hands are healthy, safe from illnesses like the avian flu.”

By doing this, we are urging retailers to change, take a stand, protect the public, prevent this from happening again, and ensure that our farming practices are improved and that the eggs we eat are fit for human consumption.

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