After confronting a drug dealer, the business owner was attacked with bricks.

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A shop owner was the victim of an assault and robbery, which recently led to a violent turn in Newcastle’s pervasive drug problem. This came after the company owner made an attempt to speak with a drug dealer in Newcastle’s Voortrekker Street neighborhood.

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A local businessman saw a man selling drugs outside his establishment on Friday, November 17, 2023, according to an official police source.

” He approached the man after leaving his store.” After saying a few words, the suspect walked away. Shortly after, he came back brandishing the brick and attacked the shop owner, striking him in the face. According to the police source, the suspect later stole the shop owner’s cellphone.

The shop owner called the Newcastle Police for help after the brutal attack when the attacker fled the scene.

Ismaeel Dhalech of Optimus Protection Services entered the Newcastle drug dealing situation even though the suspect is still at large. In Newcastle, drugs are a big problem, with crystal meth, cat, and whoonga being the most common. Brigadier Vassie Naidoo, the commander of the Newcastle SAPS Station, established the Stabilization Unit there, and it is currently working hard to combat drugs, according to Dhalech.

Dhalech warned locals not to take matters into their own hands when confronting drug dealers despite the admirable efforts of law enforcement.

To avoid being targeted by these people, the community should privately contact their security firm or the police, he suggested.

Dhalech emphasized the significance of giving law enforcement a thorough description of the suspect, including their appearance and attire at the scene, when reporting drug dealers. Additionally, he cautioned locals against allowing dealers to witness them taking pictures or videos for fear of retaliation.

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