MyCiTi Woodstock station rebuilt and operational after fire damage

After fire damage, the MyCiTi Woodstock station was rebuilt and is now operational.

The City’s Mayco representative for urban mobility, Councillor Rob Quintas, visited the restored MyCiTi Woodstock station on Thursday to see how much work had been put into it over the previous six months.

A stationary bus landed at the station in February 2022, severely damaging it. The Woodstock MyCiTi station needed to be rebuilt because 80 % of it was severely damaged, according to the Urban Mobility Directorate of the City of Cape Town.

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” I was pleased to see the caliber of work the team has delivered in rebuilding and restoring this important station along our MyCiTi trunk route when I visited the Woodstock station today. The team was able to finish this rebuild project to the desired standards within six months, despite numerous obstacles, and the station appears to be in perfect condition, according to Councillor Quintas.

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He acknowledged the cooperation between City employees and contractors and stated that the station is now fully operational once more.

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Councillor Quintas concluded,” I know our commuters who work and travel in this area are very relieved to have access to their station again.”

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