Matshela Koko lashes NPA after his corruption case struck from roll

After his corruption case was dismissed, Matshela Koko lashes out at the NPA.

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JOHANNESBURG: Former Eskom boss Matshela Koko has criticized the National Prosecuting Authority ( NPA ), claiming that it is harming South Africans.

This was dropped on Tuesday following the dismissal of the graft case against him and 18 other people.

The Middelburg Regional Court determined that the case had been unfairly delayed and removed it from the roll more than a year after the initial arrests and with the trial still pending.

The public expects an answer to the serious allegations made against him, according to Matshela Koko.

” I believe we are transporting South Africans.” The NPA is seriously harming South Africans.

He adds that his prosecution was a “hate crime” and claims it was staged to support Eskom’s decision to fire him.

” You cannot make such claims, look into them for five years, appear in court, wake me up at six in the morning, and then fail to prepare for trial more than a year later.” This is a hate crime that we see. Nothing short of hate crime has happened to my family and I. Hatred for Koko is what it is.

As long as the state receives written instructions from the National Director of Public Prosecutions ( NDPP ), it may later reinstate the case, so it is not necessarily the end of the matter.

Koko, however, insists that he is prepared if and when that occurs.

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