” All eyes on me”: Kelce says,” Swift attention, adjustment, but no distraction. “

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Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, told reporters on Friday that Taylor Swift’s relationship and the media frenzy are not distracting him as he adjusts to life under the microscope.

After raising the Lombardi Trophy a second time earlier this year, the eight-time Pro Bowler is no stranger to the spotlight.

However, the appearance of pop superstar Swift at his most recent two National Football League ( NFL ) games in Kansas City and New York has given his life a whole new level of focus.

” We’re learning while the paparazzi are just snapping pictures everywhere.” However, it also comes with it, Kelce told the media.

There are many people who care about Taylor, and for good reason. Just keep learning, living, and savoring the good times.

As fans speculated on Kelce’s potential appearance at the Chiefs’ away game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, the so-called” Swift Effect” sent sales for the multi-platinum artist skyrocketing and television ratings up.

I’ve always been fairly adept at compartmentalizing and maintaining focus in this building, in the end. I’ll just carry on with that, Kelce said.

Amy Tennery provided the reporting in New York, and Ken Ferris edited it.

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