Lavender Hill, Lotus River, Ocean View flats get R30m for staircase repairs

Apartments in Lavender Hill, Lotus River, and Ocean View receive R30 million for stair repairs.

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Carl Pophaim, a member of the City’s Mayoral Committee for Human Settlements, announced yesterday, September 16, that Lavender Hill, Lotus River, and Ocean View will receive an R30 million increase in funding for the program to upgrade staircases.

The upgrades to the staircases are a continuation of the ongoing work being done in the metro’s public housing units, which has cost about R200 million since 2018.

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More than 1300 priority staircases have been repaired and replaced as part of this project. Over the next three years, the City’s Human Settlements Directorate will invest more than R1 billion in public housing maintenance and repairs.

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The public housing units in Lavender Hill, Lotus River, and Ocean View are completely transformed by the R30 million that we have unlocked for the staircase program. With the beginning of the new contract, I am ecstatic to have seen this project get underway in Lavender Hill, and I look forward to following the development once more soon.

We concentrate on urgent and crucial work involving rental stock in the metro because of the high demand and volume of rentals that the City manages. The R30 million increase in rental stock in our region’s south will be used to upgrade 30 public housing units, totaling 70 staircases. Up until June 30, 2024, work will be completed.

More than 1300 high priority staircases have been repaired and replaced since 2018.

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” Work has been done in public housing flats all over the metro, including among others Hangberg, Atlantis, Hanover Park, Manenberg, Lavender Hill, and Steenberg.” Scottsdene, Macassar, Lwandle, Avonwood, Leonsdale, Adriaanse.

One of the largest landowners in the nation, the City currently serves an estimated 160 000 residents with its low-cost rental public housing units. Public housing faces many obstacles, but I’m determined to step up our efforts to secure additional funding, like this R30 million boost, and to come up with fresh strategies for addressing the most pressing issues with our limited resources.

Councillor Pophaim stated that “while this crucial work is being done, the safety of our tenants is a top priority, and I would like to thank our residents who are temporarily inconvenienced.”

Emergency repairs were given priority:

  • The City prioritizes taking care of the most urgent repairs first due to the large volume of service requests. The replacement and repair of staircases were prioritized.
  • Unfortunately, vandalism is to blame for the majority of the repairs needed at our public housing units.
  • Tenants are urged to contact the Human Settlements Directorate’s call center at 021 444 0333 if they have any safety concerns about their apartments or staircases.

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