SA shoppers hit with egg limits as avian flu outbreak bites

As the avian flu outbreak spreads, SA consumers are hit with egg limits.

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Due to a persistent avian flu outbreak in the nation, grocery stores in Cape Town have been restricting the number of eggs they sell.

High-pathogenic avian influenza, a bird flu that spreads quickly in an infected flock and results in high death rates, is currently rife in South Africa.

An initial H5N1 outbreak began in the Western Cape in April, according to Dr. Abongile Balarane, the SA Poultry Association’s general manager of the egg board.

Only the Eastern and Northern Capes, according to him, were unaffected by the virus’ subsequent spread across the nation.

Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and the north of Free State have all seen the emergence of a new disease strain.

According to Balarane, there are typically 27 million hens in South Africa that produce eggs every day, and of those, 5 million have been killed by infection.

” We predicted that additional cases would affect 8.5 million layer hens, both H5N1 and H7N6 strains of influenza.”

Eggs were being imported to make up for the shortage, according to Balarane, who predicted that the poultry industry would recover quickly.

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