More boots on ground as police prepare for festive season

As the police get ready for the holiday season, more boots are on the ground.

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The comments come after a rise in nationwide organized crime incidents.

Three cash-in-transit robberies occurred in eThekwini just this week.

In a shootout with police on Friday in KwaMashu, north of Durban, four robbers who were thought to be connected to the cash can heists were killed.

In the south of Durban, another was detained.

Before the busy holiday season, police will continue to deal decisively with criminals, according to Athlenda Mathe, a spokesperson for the National Police.

The police” continue to dislodge and disrupt the activities of organized crime syndicates linked to serious crimes, especially aggravated armed robberies like cash-in-transit heists ,” according to Operation Shanela.

Residents of KwaMashu are concerned about criminals renting out properties.

Police in Gauteng claim that after a cash-in-transit robbery in Johannesburg, all available resources have been used.

According to what is known, a woman was also abducted yesterday during the incident.

According to Mathe, the woman was left unharmed after being compelled to transport fugitive CIT gang members to Soweto.

After that, the suspects took off in different getaway cars.

A cash vehicle was attacked by 15 to 20 suspects, who then blew it open to access the money after causing it to topple and crash.

There were four injured guards.

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