Bail was granted for six of the seven Malalane CIT suspects.

Bail was granted for six of the seven Malalane CIT suspects.

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Today, October 3, the Tonga Magistrate’s Court granted bail for six of the seven suspects in the cash-in-transit heist( CIT ) near Malalane.

Bhekifa Ngwenyama( 30 ), Lawrence Lubisi( 44 ), Musa Vilakazi( 38 ), and three police officers from the White River flying squad( Saturday Mashego( 39 ), Collen Nonyane( 44 ), and BHekinkosi Goddi( 38) are among the suspects who have been granted bail. Ali Ebrahim, the seventh co-accused and a citizen of Tanzania, renounced bail.

The court determined that there are exceptional circumstances that allow the accused to be released on bail, according to a joint media statement from the Mpumalanga Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority.

The Mpumalanga Hawks’ opposition to the bail application, as previously reported, caused the hearing to last 14 days.

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The six accused were given bail with the caveat that they couldn’t interfere with state witnesses and had to stay in court until the case was resolved.

According to the statement,” the court further ordered the accused to appear at their closest police stations every Friday between 6:00 and 8:00.”

The seven accused are accused of conspiring to commit crimes, possessing explosives, stealing property, having guns, ammunition, malicious property damage, and five counts of attempted murder.

On August 11, they were detained in connection with the CIT heist that occurred on the R570 in the direction of Schoemansdal, outside of Malalane.

” A Mercedes-Benz C Class-equipped Fidelity armored vehicle was ambushed by a group of men.” The cash van overturned after being rammed by the suspects. One security officer was disarmed, and high-caliber rifles are said to have been used to force security guards out of the car. Then, a bomb was dropped on the cash van.

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The accused will appear in court on December 6 at the Malelane Periodical Court after the case has been put on hold for additional investigation.

Zola Martin Mnisi ( 29 ) and Mpendulo Absima Hassane( 31 ), two wanted suspects who the Hawks are looking for after they were connected to the crime by fingerprints, are being sought by the team, according to Major General Nicholas Gerber, the province’s chief of police.

Mpendulo Absima Hassane and Zola Martin Mnisi. Photos: Mpumalanga NPA

” It was determined that Mnisi is connected to other serious crimes, such as the murder of a G4S security guard in White River and the heist by CIT in KaBokweni.”

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Gerber asked Lieutenant Colonel Erhard Stroh at 082 300 8315 and Warrant Officer Albert de Lange at 071 481 2815 to get in touch with them if they had any information about Mnisi and Hassane’s whereabouts.

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