‘I’m not going to vote because they don’t keep their promises’: DA NW supporter

Because they break their promises, I wo n’t be voting, says DA NW supporter.

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Voters in the North West have given up on the Young Democratic Alliance ( DA )’s chances of ever succeeding the African National Congress ( ANC).

The ANC has won every national, provincial, and local election in the North West, making it a stronghold.

Corlia Calitz, who declared she had given up on voting, claimed she did not understand the significance of casting a ballot.

” For me, voting is pointless, so I wo n’t cast a ballot for anyone. Promises made are empty promises. There is no work for anyone, they always break their promises, there is more crime, more potholes, and more stuff, according to Calitz.

Although the DA never wins in the North West, according to Gerhard Marx, he typically supports it.

It’s not that I object to voting; rather, I do n’t understand its purpose. I support the DA every time I cast a ballot, but they will never prevail, declared Marx.

The DA in the North West, meanwhile, claimed that these elections present a fantastic opportunity for it to finally challenge the ANC for power.

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