Some Vuwani residents considering other political options ahead of 2024

Before 2024, some Vuwani citizens are thinking about other political options.

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VUWANI- In the run-up to the 2024 general elections, some voters in Limpopo’s Vhembe District in Vuwani have given up all hope that the government will listen to them.

This is happening as the Electoral Commission ( IEC ) continues its Sunday voter registration drive.

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There was n’t much activity at the voting location for the Vuwani municipal building on Sunday morning.

Residents of Vuwani have experienced severe water supply problems for years, and some are waiting for the government to address the demarcation problems that led to violent protests between the local government in 2016 and the general election in 2019.

Some residents of Vuwani told Eyewitness News that they are sick of having to constantly express their displeasure in public.

In the past, there have been protests that have resulted in school fires.

Residents claimed that their only request is to be served by the Makhado local government rather than Collins Chabane, who currently serves them.


  • Steenhuisen is a good enough reason for people to register to vote in the State of South Africa.
  • During the voter registration drive, a Chiawelo resident tells Ramaphosa,” Too late.”
  • Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

However, registered voter Ndivhuwo Manenzhe stated that he will keep these issues in mind when casting his ballot the following year.

I’ve made the decision to support the Democratic Alliance in the upcoming election. The ANC has failed, so I want to give them another chance. As black people, we are struggling.

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