Steenhuisen urges DA Western Cape supporters not to be complacent ahead of 2024

Before 2024, Steenhuisen urges DA Western Cape supporters to avoid becoming complacent.

The Democratic Alliance ( DA ) urged its supporters on Sunday not to be complacent about the 2024 elections in Cape Town, where it left nothing to chance.

The party hopes that the numbers will increase its national support while also extending its rule over the province for a third straight term.

At the historic Jan van Riebeeck High School on the slope, just below Table Mountain, in one of the wealthier neighborhoods in the city, DA leader John Steenhuisen launched his voter registration drive.

Steenhuisen, however, warned against being complacent if you are content with how the DA has managed the Western Cape over the past 15 years.

” You voted and trusted the DA to give us a majority here, and we are repaying that trust by making sure we deliver, so these things are not there by accident.”

Steenhuisen acknowledged that the province’s most impoverished residents still had a long way to go before their living conditions could be improved.

However, he feels that the Western Cape’s disparities are unfairly singled out.

” I do n’t buy this comparison that the ANC [African National Congress] likes to make,” Oh well, take a look at Khayelitsha and Camps Bay.” However, you can also carry out the same action in Johannesburg, Sandton, Alexandra, Durban, and Umlazi.

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Steenhuisen thinks that compared to the other metros in the nation, the province is much further down the road in dealing with the spatial legacy of apartheid.


  • Remain WC, coalition in KZN, GP, but crucially, bring ANC below 50 %, according to the DA for 2024.
  • Before the 2024 polls, the DA and ANC’s voter margins “have never been so close,” according to Zille
  • Should DA win in KZN, staff quality should be the top priority.Rodgers



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