Voter gap between DA & ANC ahead of 2024 polls ‘has never been so close’: Zille

Before the 2024 polls, there will be a “never-so-close” vote gap between the DA and ANC: Zille

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CAPE TOWN: According to internal polls conducted by the opposition, there is currently only a seven percentage point difference between the Democratic Alliance ( DA ) and the African National Congress ( ANC ) in terms of voter support.

The party claimed that this is the country’s two major parties ‘ closest margin ever.

The largest opposition party in the nation claimed that thousands of calls were made on Saturday to assist supporters in verifying their registration information.


  • Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

  • According to Steenhuisen, the ANC drops to 36 % while the multi-party charter polling in KZN is 50 %.

  • According to Zille, the DA is” spitting distance” from becoming Gauteng’s largest party.

The DA asserted that its polling system, which has never deviated from the election results by more than 1 %, inspires great confidence.

According to its most recent poll, the ANC receives 39 % of the country’s support and the party 32 %.

An election has n’t been this important, according to Helen Zille, chairwoman of the DA’s Federal Council, almost 30 years ago.

According to Zille, South Africans should vote this time to end corruption, unemployment, and crime.

We are seven percentage points behind the ANC, so the enthusiasm is as high as it should be. Never before has that gap been so small.

Only two percentage points separate it from the ANC in Gauteng, the nation’s economic center, according to the party, which also believes KwaZulu-Natal is involved in the polls in 2024.

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