Boks to be stripped of SA flag?

Boks’ SA flag will be taken down?

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The government’s failure to abide by anti-doping regulations has put the Springboks in danger of competing in a potential World Cup quarterfinal under neutral flags.

The government failed to update the anti-doping act to comply with the most recent World Anti-Doping Agency ( Wada ) code, according to a Daily Maverick report.

In January 2021, the revised code went into effect after being approved by more than 700 sporting federations worldwide.

However, Wada’s statement from September confirmed that the South African government would now face repercussions for failing to update its ant-doping code.

The 13th of October has been designated as a new deadline. The national teams of South Africa will suffer the consequences of non-compliance if the government does not update the code by then.

The repercussions include being prohibited from singing the national anthem and participating in national flag activities.

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport( Saids ), an independent organization that oversees anti-doping programs in the nation, issued a warning to the government last year, according to Daily Maverick.

” The legislation is promulgated by the South African government in a thorough and comprehensive manner.” Sports Minister Zizi Kodwa stated in a statement that any legislation, including amendments, must adhere to the South African Constitution and cannot conflict with or repeal any existing laws.

I have requested an urgent meeting with Wada President Witold Baka after speaking with him informally about South Africa’s position.

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South Africa is dedicated to eradicating drug use in sports. Says has made significant progress in addressing the changing dynamics of global sport’s compliance with anti-doping, counter-corruption, governance reforms, child safeguarding, and data protection.

The Department of Sport, the Arts, and Culture will keep working hard to hasten the adoption of the Amendment Bill.

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