Carl Wastie’s passionate love for South African singer-songwriter Lloyiso is undeniable.

and has always been in his corner.

The cool, modest, and soft-spoken Sama-nominated artist surprised Wastieon-air this morning in order to show him some love in return.

They had some in-depth discussions about mental health, creativity, their favorite movies, the struggle for musicians on music reality shows, and other topics.

I’m going to perform” Give a little kindness” at my performance today. Because there is so much negativity in the world, I wrote a song about trying to be nicer to yourself. I want to discuss how many things make me anxious and afraid to do. Being authentic is important.

Singer-songwriter Lloyiso

Lloyiso recognizes the impact his music has on people’s lives and the potential to heal them.

But he thinks that writing songs can also be a very effective way for him to heal and comfort himself.

It’s my therapy, and it touches other people and transcends into something greater. It’s about saving myself, not trying to save other people. All people are affected by the abundance of blessings. I appreciate you allowing me to do this.

Singer-songwriter Lloyiso

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