KwaMashu Tea Kasi Business Workshop

regarding this occasion 4 hours eTicket for mobile KwaMashu Entrepreneurs, pay attention! Attend the KwaMashu, KZN, TEA Kasi Business Workshop with us. ” Building Multiple Revenue Streams” is our theme. Discover how diversifying your income can increase resilience and long-term success while learning how to create alternative revenue streams while maintaining business focus. Lear. How […]

Breakfast seminar on” Blue Infrastructure and Climate Resilience”

regarding this occasion One of the driest nations in the world, South Africa’s water resources are severely depleted as a result of climate change, population growth, and rising temperatures. Water availability, storage capacity, seasonality, and climate change are all major challenges facing the nation. Major urban hubs in South Africa have made it a top […]

Cocktail + Disco Boy

regarding this occasion 30 minutes and 2 hours eTicket for mobile Disco boy | DISCO BOY Giacomo Abbruzzese 2023, France, Italy, Belgium, and Poland, 91 Aleksei arrives in Paris to join the Foreign Legion after a protracted and challenging journey through Europe. He is willing to do anything to get the promised passport because he […]

identifying, preventing, and handling forced labor in agricultural businesses

regarding this occasion 30 minutes and 4 hours eTicket for mobile Overview Recognize the obligations and best practices related to the new global forced labor market and legislation. Do you comprehend the new forced and bonded labor market requirements? New legislation has an impact on the following practices: Sourcing andamp, employee recruitment termination of a […]

Beers and blockchain in Cape Town

regarding this occasion two hours eTicket for mobile Join us for” Blockchain &amp, Beers,” a casual get-together in the center of Cape Town where newcomers to the field and local blockchain enthusiasts can mingle over pints of beer. Each event features a laid-back setting for networking, lively blockchain trend discussions, and expert insights. Blockchain &amp, […]

Urban Interpretations: Open Call Workshop is presented by ACT and ACMS.

regarding this occasion two hours eTicket for mobile In the past, cities have produced, extracted, subjectified, and subverted. Cities are becoming entrances to uncharted economic, social, and political futures as a result of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa moving into and through them. Urbanism will lead to the evolution of sociality, creativity, and neighborhoods, as […]