Comprehensive Festive Season Safety Plan from local law enforcement

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With the official introduction of their Festive Season Plan, law enforcement organizations are preparing to combat the increase in criminal activity as the holiday season draws near.

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During the upcoming celebrations, the initiative aims to fight criminals and protect communities.

The Amajuba District Safety Month and Festive Season Plan was officially launched on Friday, November 17, 2023, at the Phelandaba Stadium in Madadeni, attended by representatives from Newcastle SAPS, MaddaDENi SAPSS, Osizweni SAS, Utrecht, and Dannhauser SAS as well as traffic officers, the Newcastle Community Policing Forum ( CPF), and neighborhood security companies.

Amajuba District SAPS Commissioner General Fred Alexander stated that law enforcement has identified a number of priorities for the upcoming holiday season on Friday, when the agency took an all-out stance. He started by saying,” We’ll be concentrating on common robberies, cash in transit thefts, as well as domestic and commercial theft.

Plans for a number of roadblocks in and around Newcastle, including entry points from different provinces and towns, were also revealed by General Alexander. The General declared that during the obstructions,” we will be searching vehicles and concentrating on human, drug, illegal, and firearms trafficking, as well as looking for stolen property.” We’ll also be searching for fake goods being sold nearby, the General added.

He added that search criteria for unroadworthy vehicles would also be used by law enforcement. If any are discovered, the driver will also be subject to legal repercussions in addition to the vehicle being impounded.

General Alexander stated,” We’re also going to look at buildings that have been hijacked and check the bylaws and see how we can address the situation,” in response to worries about criminal activity in vacant buildings in Newcastle.

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Law enforcement is dedicated to keeping an eye on and averting any conflicts between competing taxi associations because the potential for taxi violence has not gone unnoticed. We will be keeping an eye on the situation to prevent it from getting worse because some taxi associations do not agree on certain routes, according to General Alexander.

He also emphasized that those who drink, drive, or plan to overcrowd their cars with people would face harsh punishment from the law.

To make sure the roads are safer, we will enforce traffic laws. Those who plan to drink and drive will also receive a strong message from us. Due to the holiday season, there will also be a large influx of people, giving drivers and taxi drivers the chance to overcrowd their vehicles. General Alexander emphasized that we would be keeping an eye on the situation.

The General noted that there will be more police officers in town, monitoring shopping centers and the town to reduce the likelihood of these incidents because robberies frequently affect locals and businesses during the holiday season.

Along with the operations, security firms, volunteers, the CPF, and other law enforcement organizations will collaborate on this.

Law enforcement will increase awareness of gender-based violence and take the necessary steps to safeguard vulnerable community members, such as women, children, and the elderly, in a larger effort to combat crime.

Last but not least, a number of organizations—including Lifeline, the Independent Electoral Commission ( IEC ), the Department of Correctional Services, Justice and Constitutional Development, and the KZN Liquor Authority—voiced their support for the initiative to make the holiday season safer.

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What do you think about the upcoming season as law enforcement collaborates with the Community Policing Forum, security firms, and volunteer crime fighters?

In the section below, let us know what you think.

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