Black Friday: Consumers to embrace holiday spirit with big spending – Survey

Consumers will spend a lot of money on Black Friday to celebrate the holiday.

JOHANNESBURG- With significant spending plans for Black Friday, consumers around the world are expected to rekindle their festive season.

Despite the challenging economic environment, resilient consumers are expected to find ways to have fun and be more willing to spend money at the register.

In advance of the holiday shopping season, Deloitte released its yearly Black Friday-Cyber Monday survey, which reveals consumer trends.


  • In light of the challenging economic climate, consumers are anticipated to chase Black Friday deals.

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  • According to retail consumer research, SAns still consider Black Friday to be important.

According to the Deloitte Black Friday-Cyber Monday survey from 2023, some consumers were willing to spend an average of$ 567 over the coming weekend, which is equivalent to a whopping R11,000, with year-over-year spending reaching new highs.

Christmas shopping season traditionally begins with the consumer frenzy, which occurs on the last Friday in November.

For some UK ( UK) consumers, it also happens to be a significant payday weekend.

As shopping trends return to pre-pandemic levels, bargain hunters are anticipated to pursue lower prices.

Consumers intend to concentrate on categories like clothing, electronics, and toys where they anticipate getting the best deals, according to the survey.

As e-commerce expands, more consumers are anticipated to spend more money online.

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