Senzo Meyiwa murder trial: Ctrack confirms authenticity of SAPS car data

Ctrack confirms the veracity of SAPS car data in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.

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JOHANNESBURG- The South African Police Service’s ( SAPS) vehicle tracking system custodians have verified the veracity of the information presented to the court in the Senzo Meyiwa case.

An expert has been contacted by the State to provide testimony regarding the data’s veracity.

One of Meyiwa’s alleged killers was being escorted by police, and the court has been hearing testimony about their movements.

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The admissibility of two of the five accused’s confessional statements is being decided by a trial within trials.

The CEO of the car tracking company Ctrack, Micheal du Preez, has been contacted by the State.

The South African Police Service has submitted a bid for the company to install an AVL car tracking system.

According to Du Preez, the information he obtained from the vehicle that was transporting Bongani Ntanzi and that the state had provided to its court are completely compatible.

Additionally, he promised to find out if it was n’t.

The chronological order of the data would be out of order and logically flawed if someone tried to change it, which would then appear to have been tampered with.

Du Preez responded that although it was installed out of sight, it is unlikely that the system could be tampered with.

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