DFW responds to distress call of alleged kidnapping of 2 children

DFW responds to a distress call regarding two alleged child abductions.

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A resident of Keerweder, Paarl reported the alleged kidnapping of two children, ages 12 and 14, and the Drakenstein Farm Watch ( DFW) rescue team answered the call.

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Concerned parents reported the disappearance of two children on Sunday, November 19, raising the possibility of an abduction in the Old Du Toit Kloof Pass horseshoe area. This worry surfaced when two of the four kids returned home and related a terrifying incident, claiming that four men had kidnapped and chased away their friends.

As soon as possible, the DFW commander quickly activated a broad alert, contacting colleagues from Paarl Fire, K9 police, SAPS, and dFW rescue to request their assistance.

A search operation started after gathering important information on-site and from the two boys who were able to flee.

A thorough search of the area, beginning close to the mountain horseshoe, was started in collaboration with the local farming community. When word spread that the boys had been discovered at a horse farm several kilometers down the mountain, it was an important development.

The older boy had multiple fractures to his left arm and hand when they arrived at the horse farm, and the children had been severely attacked, suffering injuries as they were beaten and stripped naked.

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Before being placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital, the children received medical attention from the DFW EFAR team.

The DFW thanked the emergency responders and their control room operators for the prompt response, including the K9 Police Paarl, Pairl SAPS Central and East, Drakenstein Fire, Fidelity ADT, EMS Metro, and PACRS.

The situation is being looked into by police.

In the Western Cape of South Africa, there is a private, non-profit field and structural fire response organization called DFW Fire and Rescue. In the Greater Drakenstein Municipal area, its devoted teams offer fire suppression and emergency medical response services.

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