DLSS support and several fixes are included in the Starfield update.

DLSS support and several fixes are included in the Starfield update.

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Steve Dent

Bethesda recently promised Starfield some significant updates, the developer announced. Users who have supported NVIDIA cards can now use features like DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing ( DLAA ), Reflex Low Latency, and DSS frame generation with version 1. 8.86. Many complaining users, many of whom relied on a contentious DLSS mod to get by, should be relieved by that.

Users of higher-end cards will benefit from the update’s GPU performance optimizations in addition to DLSS. Additionally, Bethesda has improved renderer threading, stability, and performance improvements in addition to memory leaks and other related problems. It added brightness and contrast controls to the graphics side (! ) while addressing problems with material issues, crowd character eyes, shader compilation, HDR brightness ( Xbox and Windows 11 only ), and ambient occlusion.

There are some welcome updates for Gameplay as well. A nice quality-of-life fix that allows you to “eat the food placed in the world” without adding items to inventory is the” consume button.” Additionally, Bethesda improved stealth to be more forgiving, fixed the issue with Andreja’s head remaining permanently covered, stopped players from firing weapons, and fixed a number of other issues, including those involving naked NPCs and mice. Additionally, it fixed quest issues that are primarily related to erratic game play.

Before deciding they were ready for release, Bethesda beta tested the new features on Steam earlier this month. In response to a technical report from Digital Foundry stating that the game had “disproportionately poor NVIDIA and Intel performance,” it stated in September that it was “working closely” with “NAD, AMD, and IN Intel” on driver support. Due in part to the fact that Starfield is available for free on Game Pass, the game is one of the best-selling games of 2023, and by the end of September, it had 10 million users.

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