Each of Formula One’s bottom four teams receives a$ 20 million CapEx boost.

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The bottom four teams in Formula One have each received a$ 20 million capital expenditure boost to help put them on an even playing field with better-equipped rivals, according to DOHA, October 6 ( Reuters ).

In an updated version of the financial rules for the 2024 season, the governing FIA announced that Williams, Haas, Alfa Romeo / Sauber, and AlphaTauri had increased from$ 45 million to$ 65 million.

Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari are the top three teams, with an additional$ 6 million allotted for capital expenditures of$ 51 million each.

McLaren, Alpine, and Aston Martin, who fall into the middle bracket, are each eligible to spend$ 58 million, an increase of$ 13 million over the previous allowance.

Williams in particular had griped that their infrastructure and facility rivals were so far behind them that a budget cap alone was insufficient to close the gap.

The 2020, 2021, and 2022 championship standings determined the allowances.

James Vowles, the manager of Williams, praised his team for the increase.

Not quite the$ 100 million I was looking for, but certainly a step in the right direction, he told reporters,” We have CapEx to spend now.”

” After six months, we have a sloped agreement on the table, so teams up front won’t receive as much as teams down back.” We all gain more, which is somewhat consistent with the facilities.

Alan Baldwin provided the reporting, and Ken Ferris handled the editing.

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