Boakai declared winner of Liberia presidential election: electoral commission

Election commission declares Boakai the winner of Liberia’s presidential election.

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MONROVIA: After counting the votes, the National Electoral Commission ( NEC ) announced Joseph Boakai as the winner of Liberia’s presidential election on Monday, defeating incumbent George Weah.

According to commission president Davidetta Browne Lansanah, Boakai received 50.64 percent of the vote compared to Weah’s 49.36 percent.

Boakai only received 20,567 votes to win.

However, based on the outcomes of more than 99.98 percent of the polling places, Weah already admitted defeat on Friday night.

However, the commission head claimed that Weah’s party had made two appeals about how the election in Nimba County had been conducted on Friday.

According to her, the commission has 30 days to look into the matter and make a decision.

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