2024 elections: A voter’s guide to South African elections

Elections in South Africa in 2024: A voter’s manual

Voters must be aware of the 2024 elections in South Africa because they are a significant event.

Here is a condensed list of all the information you require:

2024 election day:

    Date: The president will make the announcement in the first 90 days following May 21, 2024.

  • Between May 21 and August 19, 2024, is the time frame.

Information for voting:

    Voting location: Your registered district’s voting station is where you must cast your ballot.

  • On election day, the station is open from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Election day has historically been observed as a public holiday, but this is not always the case.

How to check your status after registering:

    Online: Visit the website to register for elections.

  • SMS: Text 32810 ( R1 charge ) with your ID number.
  • During the election season, call 0800 11 8000.

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Registering process:

    Using your SA ID, go to the online voter registration page.

  • Register at your local IEC office between the hours of 8am and 5pm. At nearby voting locations, look for a weekend voter registration period.

voting procedure:

    Verification: The voter’s roll has your name checked off.

  • On the thumbnail, there is irrevocable ink marking.
  • Ballot papers: Take three, mark your choice with an X, fold, and place in the voting boxes.

Observing the election results

    Online: Once the votes have been counted, the results are posted here.

  • Results are displayed on station doors after counts at voting stations.
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political parties

    Choice: Making a personal, covert decision involves voting for parties.

Cases that are unique:

    Expats: Voting abroad is available to registered SA citizens ( see voting abroad ).

  • Voters from out-of-town areas should only use a VEC4 form to cast their ballots in national elections if they are outside of the province that has registered.

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