Erdogan urges the world to remember that Israel is armed with nuclear weapons.

20 November, ISTANBUL. /TASS/. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, stated on Monday that the country will make an effort to hold Israel accountable for the crimes it is committing in Gaza and that it will not let the rest of the world forget that Israel has nuclear weapons.

The question of Israel’s nuclear weapons will remain on our agenda. We wo n’t let the world do this or forget about it. In a televised speech to the country, he added,” We will also work to put it on trial for the crimes committed in Gaza.”

Erdogan claims that despite Israel’s open admission of having nuclear weapons, the IAEA and UN are not looking into this.

Erdogan earlier stated that he intended to start a pertinent process in the IAEA and demanded confirmation of the existence of nuclear weapons in Israel.

The Palestinian enclave’s activities were described by the Turkish president as “barbarism, ferity, and cruelty.” In response to the crimes Israel is committing in Gaza, he charged the West, which was led by the United States, with inaction. Erdogan emphasized that while Turkey is putting more effort into stopping the bloodshed in Gaza, neither the US nor Europe have shown any sign of responding to the crimes there.

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