Festive Deeds Challenge celebrates even more progress

Even more progress is celebrated with the Festive Deeds Challenge.

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In their Festive Deeds Challenge, which aims to create 1000 new qualifying homeowners by December, the City’s Human Settlements Directorate is celebrating even more progress.

As Councillor Carl Pophaim, a member of the city’s mayoral committee, and representatives from human settlements recently delivered, residents of Mitchells Plain were the most recent recipients of title deeds.

I’m pleased with the development we’re making. This holiday season, we’re on a mission to give qualifying beneficiaries 1,000 title deeds and new home keys, according to Councillor Carl Pophaim.

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It was a real pleasure to celebrate this week in Mitchells Plain with more title deed beneficiaries and their families. It means a lot to me to see the happiness on their faces. For many generations to come, home ownership will change people’s lives and give beneficiaries and their loved ones dignity.

The City will be in areas across the metro to deliver title deeds, and we are passionate about empowering residents. We ask residents to spread the word and let their neighbors and loved ones know.

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” Our new campaign ensures that we give beneficiaries more title deeds and keys while also putting more resources in place to find beneficiaries with better tracking and tracing.” This year, we’ve set aside about R21,6 million to deliver title deeds. By December, CoCT will accept the challenge of 1000 new homeowners.

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The Festive Deeds Challenge aims to significantly improve the lives of our residents and demonstrates that it is being done. The Directorate currently has more than 12 000 title deedes on its registry. Cape Town should be built. collectively.

Beneficiaries who have never received a deed are encouraged to call 021 400 2008 or visit 12 Hertzog Boulevard in Cape Town Civic Center.

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Festive Deeds Challenge is introduced by the city to transfer homeownership.

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