Capetonians take advantage of extended Home Affairs hours for other business

Extended Home Affairs hours are used by Capetonians for other purposes.

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CAPE TOWN: Since early Saturday morning, dozens of people have gathered in front of Cape Town’s Central Business District ( CBD ) main home affairs office.

However, the majority of them were n’t there to gather identification cards ( IDs ) necessary for voter registration.

Instead, many people hoped to use this weekend’s extended office hours to complete other civic-related tasks or apply for documents.

This weekend, Home Affairs opened its offices across the nation in an effort to gather thousands of uncollected IDs.

Many people lining up at Home Affairs ‘ Barrack Street office on Saturday claimed that staff had advised them to return to apply for documents during the week because appointments there were set up until the new year.

However, a furious manager informed the crowd that ID collectors would receive preference.

One woman told Eyewitness News that she would wait as long as it took to obtain an ID for her 16-year-old daughter after spending her last dollar traveling from Philippi.

” I do n’t want to make my daughter wait longer to get anID.” Because I have no idea what might occur, I need to get her ID right away. My daughter is extremely busy.

Kuhle Phakati, 17, expressed his desire to turn 18 before the election day was announced.

He required an ID, though, for the time being for other reasons.

To create an ID so I can cast my ballot the following year, I came here. Many people who take exams require identification.

Another woman wished to utilize the extra time as well.

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” I just need to get new documentation because I got married and my last name changed.”

To encourage those who have already requested an ID to pick them up and register to vote, home affairs offices will also be open on Sunday.

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