Rise Mzansi Convention themes include family, economy and climate change

Family, economy, and climate change are some of the Rise Mzansi Convention’s themes.

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The Rise Mzansi People’s Convention, which has been taking place at Constitution Hill in Bloemfontein since Friday, has reached its third and final day as of Sunday.

800 delegates and regular South Africans are being hosted by the newly formed political party to discuss how to improve the nation’s future.

In the run-up to the elections the following year, this is the party’s first convention.

According to national leader Songezo Zibi, the convention aims to shed light on six issues, including climate change, family, community, governance, economy, and nation-building.

Every delegate and visitor, regardless of their origin, professional background, or personal experience, will be able to attend a convention where they can interact with other South Africans and discuss the kind of future we envision.

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