City of Cape Town firefighters are battling more than fires

Firefighters in the city of Cape Town are fighting more than just fires.

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According to JP Smith in a Facebook post, Cape Town firefighters were intimidated by gunshots before becoming victims of stone-throwing on Thursday as they responded to an structural fire in Uitsig, Elsie’s River.

This just happened a few days ago, on Monday, October 2, when firefighters in Greenville, Kraaifontein, were forced to deal with an identical situation.

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Smith claims that in both cases, the firefighters were able to put out the fires before fleeing unharmed.

However, due to the damage brought on by the attacks, the fire engines had to be shut down for repairs.

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Fire engines, according to Smith, are a necessary workhorse for all emergency operations carried out by the City’s Fire and Rescue Service. He also noted that damages leave the most vulnerable communities negatively impacted in addition to being time-consuming to manage.

Our Fire and Rescue Service is arguably the best in South Africa, and as a municipality, we have worked hard to make that happen.

” We have always made sure that every station has always had a working, well-maintained fire engine within its fleet, in addition to the significant investment in additional vehicles.”

It is now necessary to schedule repairs for both of these damaged vehicles, finish insurance assessments, settle claims, order parts from manufacturers, and complete repairs. This is a time-consuming process that we must adhere to in accordance with the law.

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Unfortunately, it will then be the most vulnerable, according to Smith.

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Smith condemned the City and urged locals to assist in defending its emergency responders in response to recent incidents of violence against service members.

We denounce the hostile behavior of those who attack our firefighters or those acting in a similar emergency, which frequently involves paramedics and ambulance personnel. Firefighters are not trained to deal with violent and aggressive, direct attacks from criminals, despite the fact that they are used to daily risking their own safety against unforgiving flames.

Smith continued,” The resulting trauma inflicted upon members in this regard is therefore unacceptable.”

For any information, including cellphone video footage, that can help identify such perpetrators and may result in their arrest, the City of Cape Town is offering rewards of up to R5000.

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