‘SA has potential but some things need to change’: Langebaan first-time voter

First-time voter Langebaan says,” SA has potential, but some things need to change. “

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CAPE TOWN- Along the Langebaan sea strip, there were n’t many young people in the Electoral Commission ( IEC ) registration centers.

Several locals quickly cast their ballots on Saturday morning during the national voter registration weekend, and many took advantage of the region’s warm weather.


IEC: By Saturday at noon, more than 320, 000 people had physically registered to vote.
– How do I sign up to vote in the general elections in 2024?

The significance of the 2024 general election for two young people varied.

18-year-old Billie Booyens, a first-time voter in the town’s holiday district, is eager to cast his ballot for the upcoming elections.

She asserted that if South Africa’s youth vote, they have the ability to advance the nation.

Because I believe South Africa has the potential, I simply want it to be like a first-world nation, but some political changes are necessary for us to improve.

David John Louw, 24, however, stated that he would not sign up to cast a ballot because, in his opinion, doing so wo n’t bring about any change.

Instead, he stated that his local rugby team would be the focus of his weekend training.

” It’s not worth it because they make promises before elections but nothing happens afterward.”


  • Elections in 2024: SA youth, a generation demoralized by democracy, are reformable

  • MP voter registration: There are more calls for young people to cast ballots.

  • Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

Langebaan is one of the two best-run municipalities in the nation, according to Ratings Afrika.

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However, Fiona Rose Horn, 24, who is unable to afford housing in the vacation town, finds this rating to be very insignificant.

There are job opportunities in Langebaan, but if you work there, you’ll need to look for housing because it costs more than R6,000 to rent a place. You wo n’t be able to find a place between R3 and$ 4000 that fits your budget.

Horn declared that she would vote in favor of prioritizing inclusion so that the local workforce could enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

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