Djokovic has ‘highest ambitions’ after record ATP Finals triumph

Following his record ATP Finals victory, Djokovic has “highest ambitions. “

After capping another incredible year with Sunday’s record-breaking seventh ATP Finals victory, Novak Djokovic has no intention of slowing down.

Djokovic, who is 36 years old, continues to hold the title of tennis’s top player by some distance. This year, he has set a number of new records, including winning the Grand Slam and placing eighth in the year-end world rankings.

On his way to victory in Turin, he swept past young pretenders Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner. In 2024, when Paris hosts the Olympics—the only significant event in history—he hopes to achieve even more glory.

Djokovic jokingly remarked,” Well, you can win four Slams and Olympic gold,” when asked what else he could do in tennis.

I’ve always had the highest aspirations. That wo n’t change for the upcoming year, that much is certain. He continued,” My drive is still there.

” Motivation is still present, especially for the major sporting events. For me, those events are the Grand Slams and Finals, and hopefully the Olympic Games the following year.”

Less than a fortnight after Wimbledon and just before the US Open, the Olympics take place in the French capital from July 26 to August 11.

It’s a significant career achievement that comes at the end of an already exhausting season that will be difficult for all the top players, let alone one in his late 30s.

Apart from Grand Slams, it is unquestionably one of the main objectives for the following year, according to Djokovic.

The schedule for moving from the slowest to the fastest surface in sports will be extremely crowded. Hard court is followed by clay, grass, and clay. Obviously, that is a very difficult and demanding time of year.

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During the trophy ceremony, defeated finalist Sinner praised Djokovic as an “inspiration” and is modeling his own attempt to win the sport’s top prize.

Sinner, who won four tour-level championships this season, will eventually win Grand Slams and top the world rankings, according to predictions made by Djokovic and his coach Goran Ivanisevic.

Additionally, Italian tennis players are very optimistic about his performances at the Pala Alpitour.

” He’s an inspiration because he worked diligently to get to this point all those years ago, back in his younger years.” Sinner told reporters,” That’s one of my goals as well.

” It’s not just about one season to watch.” You say,” OK, I played well,” as you watch this season. However, you must play well each season and reach a certain age—35, 36, 37, or whatever—in order to still be able to feel your body properly.

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