For its 46-year-old 2600 console, Atari is releasing a new cartridge.

For its 46-year-old 2600 console, Atari is releasing a new cartridge.

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Atari recently revealed preorders for a physical cartridge for its formerly common 2600 console. You correctly read that. Another new cartridge will be released in 2023 by a gaming console that considers 1982 to be its most popular year. The game in question, Save Mary, was created during the console’s heyday before being put on hold when the 2600 became obsolete.

In the gaming industry that came before the NES, Save Mary was developed for two full years, which is a lifetime. Back then, it took between six and nine months to produce a game, with some well-known titles only needing five or six weeks. Veteran Atari employee Tod Frye, the creator of Pac-Man and the Swordquest series’ 2600 edition, was the original developer of Save Mary.

A full-color manual and a silver collector’s edition box are included in the$ 60 preorder for one of these cartridges in addition to the game itself. These carts are a desirable collector’s item for Atari enthusiasts because there are only 500 of them.

A screenshot of the game.


In the game Save Mary, you have to save a woman by the name of Mary. She is trapped in a narrow canyon that is quickly filling with water. To assist her in escaping the dire situation, you construct platforms using a crane. Atari claims that the concept of power-ups appearing on the cliffside to assist you was probably inspired by Pac-Man. In an interview from 1989, Nolan Bushnell, the creator of Atari, praised the game, calling it the” first game in which you rely on construction rather than destruction to save the princess.”

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Save Mary joins a number of other recently released Atari 2600 cartridges, many of which are brand-new” lost” games like Aquaventure or Mr. Run and Jump. With some contemporary flourishes like beveled edges to prevent pin damage and gold-plated connectors, each cartridge in the Atari XP line is” manufactured to exact standards” from the past. To play these games, you don’t need to find a worn-out 2600 because Atari is currently selling the upgraded 3600 + console.

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