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For President, Misha! South Africa needs a woman to lead, according to Cape Town ETC.

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The posters are up, but they are all men asking us to sign up and cast ballots for them in the upcoming elections.

Gasant Abarder writes in a new# SliceofGasant column that this idea did n’t occur to me until my 11-year-old daughter Misha brought it up. It made me realize how much better off we would be if women were president of South Africa.

One of the most powerful media figures in the nation is Abarder, who just released his book Hack with a Grenade. Here you can read his weekly column.

Posters for the election have been posted. Notably, the DA in my suburb kept repeating the same tired messages, and Songezo Zibi then urged people to sign up so they could support Rise Mzansi, his new party.

Zibi was a fantastic Business Day editor. He is also well-known on Twitter, X, or whatever other name it goes by these days. But his appeal likely comes to an end there. A thorough search on Google is required for the remainder of the non-twittering, newspaper-reading public ( of which there are many these days ). Zibi, who is young, intelligent, and astute, is exactly what we need right now, do n’t you get me wrong.

I have n’t yet seen any ANC ones. Cash flow issues must still exist. However, I did witness a man beating up election posters from 1994 on Facebook Marketplace, one of my favorite social media sites right now.

For R250, he is offering a Kenneth Meshoe ACDP poster.

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Gasant Abarder in the image

You can spend R500 on a poster of Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s IFP poster.

Gasant Abarder in the image

However, the General Constand Viljoen Vryheidsfront model costs a staggering R650 ( before they added Plus, as if it were extra strength Disprin ).

Gasant Abarder in the image

Constand, who spoke kak all the time, is Afrikaans for constant, which is appropriate. Are these the items that are currently stored in man caves?

I identified Mr. Zibi to my 11-year-old daughter Misha. I then displayed the 1994 posters ‘ advertisements to her. Then she questioned,” Dad, why do n’t we still have a woman president and why are there no female party leaders?”

A woman president would be so much better, she continued,” You see, dad.” Women do n’t typically fight or act violently. Additionally, our economy would benefit greatly. Take a look at what transpired when Mrs. Petersen, my principal, entered. Because of her, everyone wants to attend our school, which is better than it was before.

Over the past few weeks, Misha has experienced an eye-opening year that culminated in significant highlights. She was chosen as the vice-captain for a club team and the best player on the under-10 girls ‘ team. Although I serve as her assistant coach, these choices were made by the head coach.

Gasant Abarder in the image

Due to the fact that the Salt River Blackpool Football Club’s under-10 girls were the only girls ‘ team in a league of boys ‘ teams, the season began with significant losses and numerous tears. However, they put in a lot of effort while being guided by me and coach Abduragiem ‘ Beatle ‘ Jacobs. With a few wins and draws toward the end of the season, the outcomes began to improve. The boys were now sobbing as a result of our girls ‘ crunching tackles.

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In the 65-year history of her school, I also serve as Misha’s coach for the first-ever girls ‘ soccer team. She was the only one of the 15 girls with playing experience, so the school’s choice to appoint her captain was n’t mine either. These girls have courage, drive, and a thirst for knowledge.

Then, while I was facilitating the Salt River premiere of the Banyana coach’s new biography Magic, she met Desiree Ellis just over a week ago. Misha has n’t stopped bringing up the fact that Coach Ellis promised to keep a close eye on her career ever since.

Gasant Abarder in the image

Look at Coach Ellis, for example. Why is she not eligible to lead us? Anything is possible for her. Dad, she won Afcon, served as African coach of the year, led our team to two world championships, and played soccer on the same field as mine.

Michelle Obama could have been president of the United States, even though I know she was n’t. A good woman served as president of New Zealand as well. Our nation will be better if there is a woman president, in my opinion.

If she were president, I questioned her about what she would change.

” We need to be more considerate of the elderly.” Why do Mama and Papa have to stand in line at hospitals and pensions? A sports field for various sports in every region of South Africa, where kids can study or complete their homework with the internet and printers, is something I like your idea for Salt River, dad.

Fruit and vegetables can be grown and sold by those without jobs. People who do n’t have can use what’s left over to prepare food. Additionally, we need to place fewer American orders. When everyone in South Africa can start their own cereal and buys Kellogg’s, why do we still have to eat it?

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A socialist is being raised by me. I questioned her source of inspiration.

Of course, from you and my teacher. I believe I would be a good president.

I voted in favor of Misha. A woman president is welcome in South Africa. It is a complete disgrace that no party will legitimately nominate women to run for president the following year.

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What a watermelon world we live in, I think to myself.

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