Residents of Kensington’s oldest settlement get electricity for the first time

For the first time, residents of Kensington’s oldest community have access to electricity.

One of the oldest communities in the area, Kensington’s informal settlement on 6th Avenue, has just started providing electricity to twelve families.

This is a step in the right direction for the living conditions of hundreds of residents, according to the City of Cape Town’s electrification project.

Riedewaan Jardien expressed his happiness at being able to cook independently of his neighbor’s electricity, according to the People ‘ Post.

He said,” Now that we have our own electricity box, we are grateful and happy.”

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For the 2022–2023 fiscal year, the City of Cape Town allocated R23 million to electrify about 2440 households.

Councilman Beverley van Reenen, a Mayco member for energy for the city, highlighted the project’s contribution to increasing safety and lowering reliance on open flames.

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I’m thrilled to be turning on the electricity in this neighborhood’s homes. With easy access to the city’s basic electricity services, families in this neighborhood can now feel more secure and look forward to a joyous holiday season. Seeing this come to pass is so meaningful, she said.

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Rashieda Hans, a community leader, highlighted the critical need for long-term housing despite the advancement of electrification.

” Our children must live here because they are having children.” Without receiving the keys to their homes, some elderly people have already passed away. It’s flooded here in the winter. Our restrooms are unhealthy and in terrible condition. We’ve had enough of whining. Hans remarked,” We do n’t want to complain any longer.

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The community’s happiness at the end of protracted darkness and security concerns was shared by Mushiefa Davids, a 30-year resident of the settlement. She did, however, also observe the ongoing challenges of residing in a remote community.

We frequently lamented the darkness and the fact that you could n’t see anything when you were being robbed. Housing is the main problem we have. We have kids, our homes are flooded, and the roofs leak when it rains. We yearn for private residences with adequate restrooms.

To help preserve the integrity of the recently installed infrastructure, Councillor van Reenen urged locals to report any illegal activity, such as vandalism or unapproved electricity connections.

Dial 112 on a cell phone ( toll-free ), 107 on landlines, or 021 480 7700 in an emergency to report an incident anonymously.

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