Former Eskom boss Koko, co-accused to hear judgement on corruption case delay

Former Eskom boss Koko will hear the delay in the corruption case.

JOHANNESBURG: On Tuesday, Matshela Koko, a former chief executive of Eskom, will appear before the Middelburg Magistrates Court.

If there was an excessive delay in his case, this will be up to the judge after an investigation.

On suspicion of fraud, corruption, and money laundering, Koko and his co-accused, including his wife and two stepdaughters, were initially detained in October.

The case involves businesses connected to Koko’s friends and family who received contracts worth millions of rands for work at the Kusile Power Station.


  • Matshela Koko is returning to court for the multi-billion-rupee Eskom corruption case.

  • Matshela Koko, a former boss of Eskom, challenges court reports of state capture.

  • If found guilty, Matshela Koko could spend a long time in prison, the court hears.

Due to the State’s repeated requests for postponements, magistrate Stanley Jacobs, who is hearing the case, ordered the investigation.

The State stated it was still awaiting six witness statements and various expert reports in September, which was the most recent.

More than a year after the accused was detained, the State claimed that its investigations were almost finished, despite the defense’s claim that they were still ongoing.

We’ll have to wait and see what the court decides.

However, if it determines that the case’s delay was excessive, it may issue any order it deems necessary to stop it, including one that strikes the matter off the roll.

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