Free children’s tickets, according to Sehwag, would help fill World Cup venues for non-Indian games.

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Oct. 6( Reuters )- After seeing empty stands during Thursday’s opening match between England and New Zealand in Ahmedabad, India great Virender Sehwag said World Cup organizers should provide free tickets to kids to fill seats in games without the hosts.

The International Cricket Council claimed that the Black Caps’ nine-wicket victory over England, which eventually drew 47,518 spectators, set a record for an opening match at showcasing the 50-overs World Cup.

However, many online fans were unimpressed by the large number of empty seats in the 132, 000-seat venue, which bears the name of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Indian Premier League final had attracted 101,566 spectators at the venue last year, but on Thursday, factors like the hosts’ absence, a weekday fixture, and the oppressive heat in the city might have had an impact.

Soon after the game started, former India batsman Sehwag posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying,” Hopefully after office hours, there should be more people coming in.”

However, free tickets for school and college students should be available for games that do not feature Bharat( India ).

It will undoubtedly benefit young people to attend a World Cup game and players to play in front of an empty stadium as interest in 50-over games dwindles.

The hosts, who only kick off their campaign against Australia on Sunday, should have been in the opening game, according to former India all-arounder and coach Ravi Shastri, as opposed to both 2019 finalists.

After former England opener Michael Atherton brought up the subject during the broadcast, Shastri said,” I understand you want one of the former finalists to play, but at all costs, have a home team play.”

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You would be guaranteed a packed house if this were India vs. England. At least 70 000 – 80 000 people would have entered even on a weekday. It only heightens the buzz. ” There is a build-up.

In addition to cricket, the French rugby World Cup has already been played in packed stadiums with venues and fixtures set to debut in 2021.

In contrast, the cricket showpiece’s schedule wasn’t revealed until June 27 — 100 days before the opening match.

However, a sizable crowd is anticipated in Ahmedabad on October 14 when India faces off against Pakistan, one of India’s fiercest rivals.

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