Under guest arrest! ECR’s top 5 house rules

Guests are being detained! The top 5 house rules of ECR

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching! We are in an interesting situation as Durban residents prepare for friends and family to travel to the coast.

Expectations versus results when it comes to respecting one’s sanctuary can cause chaos or even disaster.

We must hold a family meeting and establish some house rules because this is of the utmost importance. Share your thoughts with the East Coast Breakfast team here before we get started:

The big five house rules for 2023 have been revealed by the East Coast Breakfast team.

    Mi Casa Su Casa, says Darren Maule.

Just do n’t show up unannounced; make yourself at home, drink coffee, use the restroom, and ask for the WiFi password.

    The Makoti Master, Sky

You are not in need of anything. You’re sufficient. Sky has you covered, so you can keep your beers unless you intend to bring Moet.

    Squeaky Clean Queen, Carmen

Under no circumstances are shoes permitted inside the house, including Carmen.

You’ll be enraged by the bizarre house rules at this vacant location.

To share with you two East Coaster rules:

That concludes the house rules for this year.

Keep an eye out for more; East Coast Radio will keep you informed.

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