Hamas says Gaza truce deal ‘close’, raising hopes for hostages

Hopes for hostages are raised when Hamas declares the Gaza truce agreement” close. “

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Israel immediately responded to the status of negotiations to secure the release of the 240 hostages thought to have been taken during Hamas ‘ horrifying assault.

Israeli civilians, including some young children and elderly people, make up the majority of the hostages.

Only a small number of people have been freed, recovered, or released by Israeli forces.

According to a statement sent by Haniyeh’s office to the AFP,” We are close to reaching an agreement on resuming hostilities.”

On October 7, during cross-border raids, Hamas gunmen killed about 1,200 people, mostly civilians. This was the deadliest attack in Israeli history.

In retaliation, Israel attacked Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas, relentlessly with bombs and a ground offensive.

More than 13,300 people, including thousands of children, have died as a result of the war, according to the Hamas government.

Sources from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which took part in the attacks as well, confirmed that their organizations had reached an agreement on the terms of a truce deal, speaking to AFP under the condition of anonymity.

The tentative agreement restricts Israeli airstrikes over southern Gaza and calls for a five-day ceasefire that will take place on the ground.

Between 50 and 100 Israeli civilian and foreign hostages, but no military personnel, would be freed under the terms of the agreement.

300 Palestinians, including women and children, would be freed from Israeli prisons in exchange.

As hopes grew for talks brokered by Qatar, where Hamas holds a political office and has behind-the-scenes diplomatic ties with Israel, US President Joe Biden stated on Monday that he thought the deal was close.

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The Red Cross International Committee announced on Monday that Hamas ‘ Haniyeh had been visited by the organization’s president in Qatar.

” We wo n’t give up fighting!”

For Gazans who have endured Israeli bombardment and a growing ground offensive for more than six weeks, an agreement might provide some relief.

Airstrikes that claimed thousands of lives have decimated a significant portion of Gaza, and the region is under siege with little access to food, water, or fuel.

The agreement would also permit up to 300 trucks of food and medical supplies to enter Gaza, according to Hamas and Islamic Jihad sources.

Israel has been reluctant to let fuel into the strip for fear that Hamas might use it for other paramilitary purposes, such as rockets.

Israel has vowed to continue its offensive, promising to defeat Hamas and secure the release of the hostages.

After speaking with the family members of those kidnapped, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared,” We wo n’t stop fighting until we bring our hostages home.”

-Premature infants

As Israel expanded its operations in Gaza’s north, doctors and patients were once more apprehended on the front lines on Tuesday.

Israel reportedly struck the Indonesian Hospital on Monday, killing 12 people before deploying ground forces, according to officials in the Hamas-run health ministry.

According to ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra, the Israeli army is encircling the Indonesian Hospital.

Numerous tanks and armored vehicles, according to the Hamas governments, were positioned around the hospital’s perimeter and firing toward it.

Qudra continued, referring to Gaza’s largest hospital, which has been besieged and searched by Israeli troops,” We fear the same thing will happen there as it did in Al-Shifa.”

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On Monday, 28 premature babies were transported from Al-Shifa to Egypt.

The largest refugee camp in Gaza, Jabalia, which has recently seen intense Israelibombing, is bordered by the Indonesian Hospital.

About 400 patients were still residing in the hospital, according to the health ministry official, and 2, 000 people were looking for shelter.

On Monday, about 200 patients were taken out of the hospital and transported by bus to a hospital in southern Gaza’s Khan Yunis.

An AFP reporter saw bloodied children being carried into the Al-NasserHospital in Khan Yunis and lying confused on gurneys as chaos erupted all around them.

One man who claimed to have escaped the Indonesian Hospital said,” We miraculously got out.” There are still brothers there. Simply put, I ca n’t. His voice trailed off as he spoke.

” Scenes of Death”

Israel claims that Hamas uses medical facilities to conceal fighters and serve as a base for operations, making them legitimate military goals while making every effort to protect civilians from harm.

But in recent weeks, protests have broken out all over the world, international organizations have made accusations of war crimes, and some governments have severed diplomatic ties, raising international criticism of Israel’s handling of the conflict.

The attack on the Indonesian Hospital on Monday, according to the World Health Organization, was “appalled” and one of 164 attacks on medical facilities and employees since the war started.

The organization stated in a statement that” the world cannot remain silent while these hospitals, which ought to be safe have ns, are transformed into scenes of death, destruction, and despair.”

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Indonesia, the most populous country in the world with a majority of Muslims, donated money to help fund the Indonesian Hospital, which opened almost ten years ago.

Retno Marsudi, the foreign minister of Indonesia,” strongly condemned the Israeli attack” on the hospital on Monday and said the ministry was unable to get in touch with three volunteers thought to be working at the facility.

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