Pappas to cut down bloated KZN govt workforce if DA comes to power

If DA is elected, Papas will reduce the overworked KZN government workforce.

DURBAN- In an effort to eliminate unskilled labor should the KwaZulu-Natal government take office, the Democratic Alliance ( DA ) has set its sights on the workforce.

During a lengthy interview with Eyewitness News, its leading candidate, Christopher Pappas, criticized the province’s staff praise as being inflated.

When KwaZulu-Natal holds its national and provincial elections the following year, Pappas hopes to become the nation’s first DA premier.

If elected, he promises to make significant changes across important departments.

Should Pappas find himself in KwaZulu-Natal’s halls of power, he will rely on his prior experience as mayor of the city.

As a result, he started an investigation into the labor force’s abilities and credentials.

Pappas claimed that despite the move’s lack of support, it ultimately contributed to uMgeni becoming one of the best-run municipalities in the nation.

He continued by saying that while effective policies are essential, competent staffers are required to support them.

In order to have great policy and great plans, one of the biggest challenges we face in uMgeni is to try to create delivery mechanisms. However, government officials are the mechanisms of delivery. We therefore have a significant issue with an incapable state.

Concerns about the nation’s bloated departments have also been expressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, but efforts to create a trimmer and more ideal workforce in government have received little to no attention.

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